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Beginners Page

An introduction to cryptocurrency for beginners

What is blockchain? What is a crypto wallet? What is Web3 all about? How do I start?


Let's have a one-on-one session that answers all your questions and help you get started.


A one-on-one session to help you get started with cryptocurrencies and familiarize yourself with concepts involving blockchain and Web3

A step-by-step approach divided into 3 phases



Learn the basic crypto terminology and concepts


Learn about blockchain and Web3

Learn how to transact, safeguard, and monitor cryptocurrency


Get Started

Set up a crypto wallet and create an account on an exchange

Fund your account and start trading your first cryptocurrencies

Use an exchange to buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrency

Interact with Web3 Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Ask & Review

Review the material and test your knowledge

Engage in a Q&A ​session that addresses any topic

Try it out on your own! We'll be here if you need help along the way!


Have any questions? Let's help you answer them

Schedule a free 30-minute meeting with one of our consultants

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