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Islamic Coin: A Revolution in Sharia-Compliant Cryptocurrency

As the world's second-largest religion, Islam claims nearly 2 billion followers, making up a quarter of the world's population. In the Islamic faith, financial interactions are guided by the principles of Sharia law, a religious law that forms part of the Islamic tradition.

One of the core tenets of Islamic financial law is the prohibition of riba, or the paying or charging of interest. Given the global prevalence of fiat money—legal tender issued by central banks and lent to commercial banks at interest—compliance with this prohibition can be challenging. Central banks and governments can manipulate fiat money through controlling supply via interest rates. Thus, it could be argued that today's fiduciary money doesn't fully align with Sharia law.

Enter the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology underpinning them—decentralized, immutable systems that can align with Islamic principles. This potential for compliance has culminated in the creation of the Islamic Coin.

Introducing Islamic Coin

Islamic Coin is a revolutionary halal crypto asset designed specifically for the global Muslim community. Built on the dedicated Islamic blockchain, the Haqqchain, this cryptocurrency adheres stringently to the Islamic view on finance.

Unlike fiat currencies, the value of Islamic Coin isn't subject to manipulation. It cannot be arbitrarily printed, thus avoiding devaluation, nor deflated through a rise in the central bank's interest rate. Its price is purely market-determined, thereby always ensuring fairness—a feature in line with the ethics of Islamic finance.

Moreover, Islamic Coin can only be minted or issued by those who contribute work and investment as validators of the network, at a predetermined and publicly announced rate. In contrast to fiat money, Islamic Coin isn't operated by banks, which typically earn money by charging interest—an activity that leads to riba and is therefore forbidden in Islam.

A Revolution in Decentralization

Islamic Coin's adherence to Shariah is rooted in its essential features that comply with the principles of the Islamic faith. Its decentralized nature is one such key feature. The absence of a controlling central authority adheres to the Islamic law's prohibition of riba (interest), which is integral to traditional banking systems. By doing so, Islamic Coin ensures the users of this digital currency do not inadvertently partake in the interest-related transactions.

Limited-Supply Currency

Another fundamental feature that aligns Islamic Coin with Shariah principles is its limited supply. Islamic Coin is designed with a capped limit of 100 billion coins. The finite number ensures that the currency maintains its value, preventing depreciation that could otherwise lead to financial instability. This principle of value preservation is a cornerstone of Islamic financial ethics.

A Community-Centric Currency

In an unprecedented move, each time a new Islamic Coin is minted, 10 percent of the issued amount is deposited into a special Evergreen Fund. This fund is allocated towards further investment into Islamic internet projects or given to Islamic charities, marking a pioneering effort in directly linking a cryptocurrency to community enrichment.

Operated as a non-profit foundation, the Evergreen Fund is focused on long-term sustainability and community impact, functioning effectively as a crypto endowment. Key decisions about this fund are made by the consensus of validators on the Haqqchain, ensuring the transparent and democratic management of these community resources.

The Future Potential of Islamic Coin

The mission of Islamic Coin is to empower the international Muslim community with a financial and technological tool that allows for independent financial interaction, while supporting technological evolution and philanthropy. By doing so, Islamic Coin is playing a pivotal role in the growing intersection of Islamic finance and technology.

Given the vast global Muslim population, the potential reach of Islamic Coin is staggering. By leveraging the power of community, this innovative cryptocurrency could potentially surpass Bitcoin, currently just shy of a 1 trillion market cap, as the world's leading crypto asset. By engaging even a fraction of the online Muslim community, the potential of Islamic Coin is far greater than existing cryptocurrencies.

Islamic Coin, therefore, represents an exciting development in the world of Islamic finance. By combining the cutting-edge technology of cryptocurrencies with the age-old principles of Shariah law, Islamic Coin provides a glimpse into what the future of Islamic finance might look like.

Though it's still in its early stages, and challenges undoubtedly lie ahead, the potential for Islamic Coin is clear. For those interested in Shariah-compliant financial transactions, this new cryptocurrency offers a promising and innovative solution. As with any investment, potential investors are advised to seek guidance from qualified Islamic scholars to ensure the halal status of this digital asset.


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