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Private Sessions

Get the most out your crypto by exploring the utility of DeFi and DApps

Discover the utility and 

application of different 

crypto networks and 

the different types of 

cryptocurrency tokens

Learn how to use cross-

chain bridges to transfer

tokens between different


Explore the utility of DeFi protocols and what makes a project different from others 

Understand the purpose of different consensus

mechanisms like proof-of

-stake (POS) and proof-of

-work (POW)

Understand the mechanics of blockchain transactions and learn how to utilize transaction hashes, addresses, and public-key cryptography

Recognize the benefits and risks when interacting

with different types of DApps 

Explore different ways to earn crypto rewards

such as yield farming,

liquidity mining, and

interest staking

Learn how to secure

and safeguard your

assets and the different

methods of storing them 

Understand the purpose

of token governance and

the value of delegating assets and voting 

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