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Navigating Today's Non-KYC Crypto Exchanges


As the world increasingly gravitates towards cryptocurrencies, exchanges that don't mandate Know Your Customer (KYC) verification are gaining significant traction. These platforms empower traders to execute buy, sell, and trade orders without the necessity of providing personal identification or proof of residency. While the utility of KYC in enhancing user security is undeniable, its requirement can also inhibit access for individuals in countries where cryptocurrency trading is not officially supported. Such restrictions seemingly contradict the foundational ethos of cryptocurrency: decentralization. This comprehensive guide is designed to navigate you through this emerging trend by scrutinizing five leading no-KYC exchanges—Coinstore, CoinW, Deepcoin, Hotcoin, and Zorix—across critical parameters like Deposit/Withdrawal protocols, Trading Fees, and User Experience. How Do These Exchanges Stack Up? Here's a Brief Overview

According to CoinMarketCap data, CoinW leads our list, ranking 28th with a staggering 2.3 million weekly visits and support for over 450 coins across 476 markets. Deepcoin follows closely, standing at 31st with 1.6 million weekly visits and 188 available coins in 237 markets. Hotcoin occupies the 42nd position with 3.2 million weekly visits and support for 309 coins and 375 markets. On the lower end, Coinstore ranks 61st with a modest 160,000 weekly visits and offers 133 coins across 135 markets. No data was found with Zorix.

*Interestingly, Hotcoin distinguishes itself by actively advocating its no-KYC policy on its social media channels.

Getting Started:

While each of these exchanges may have its own unique features and offerings, they all follow a similar onboarding process: registration, email verification, and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) setup. Opt for using an authenticator app like Google Authenticator for your 2FA, as it enhances your account's security. Avoid using SMS-based verification; not only does it undermine the privacy advantages of a non-KYC platform, but it's also vulnerable to risks such as SIM-swapping attacks.

Crunching the Numbers: Deposit and Withdrawal Conditions

In the realm of crypto trading, knowing the cost to do business is paramount. We used Tether (USDT) as a uniform currency to assess minimum deposit and withdrawal requirements:




Daily Limits





2000 USDT

1-2 USDT


0.01 USDT



1-15 USDT




Not Stated

1-30 USDT



Not Stated

Not Stated

1-15 USDT




66,000 USDT

2-8.5 USDT

Trading Fees: What It Costs to Trade

  • Zorix: Both maker and taker fees are at a flat 0.1%.

  • Hotcoin: Transaction fee stands at 0.2%.

  • Deepcoin: Maker fee at 0.04% and a taker fee of 0.06%.

  • CoinW: Fees of 0.02% for both maker and taker for VIP1 users, discounts available for higher levels.

  • Coinstore: Both maker and taker fees are set at 0.2%.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Before diving into any no-KYC platform, it's prudent to be abreast of the potential legal ramifications, as regulations can differ greatly depending on your jurisdiction. Always consult professional advice if you're unsure.

Final Thoughts

Non-KYC exchanges are becoming increasingly favored among traders who value both anonymity and ease of operation. In this guide, we found CoinW and Hotcoin to be particularly notable in terms of user engagement and offerings. However, each platform presents a unique set of attributes catering to diverse needs. Your ideal exchange is invariably the one that most closely aligns with your specific trading criteria and comfort level regarding privacy and legality.


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